Interview: Queer Artist Johnny Manuel

Image via Johnny Manuel

With a career that spans 20 years, Johnny Manuel has revealed many different sides to his artistry. Now, he is ready to show the world who he truly is as a singer, songwriter, and musician. 

Earlier this month, Manuel released a soulful new track entitled “Again,” which he claims is an emancipation of sorts.

Image via Johnny Manuel

“It’s me celebrating parts of myself I was told I wasn’t supposed to,” he says in an official press release. “I’m shaking off the opinions I was afraid of. I’m living on the other side of what used to hold me back and giving myself permission to enjoy that. I’m falling deeply back into what I was told I had to leave behind. It’s me feeling my oats a little bit too.” 

“Again” is the debut single from Manuel’s upcoming EP Younger Skin, scheduled to release October 7. Additionally, it is also his first-ever solo project.


As a proud queer Black man, Manuel is excited to step out on his own and embrace a fresh sound. He first discovered the joy of performance and musicianship at a young age while singing in a church choir. A child prodigy and prolific performer, he was a finalist on The Voice Australia and Eurovision, honing his skills and building an international fan base along the way. 

Instinct caught up with the prolific artist to talk more about his music. Watch the full interview below!

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