Iowa Republican Wants Records of People’s Sexuality

Iowa lawmaker Dennis Guth wants to create a database of Iowans’ sexuality. Image from Facebook via MetroWeekly.

Dennis Guth, a member of Iowa’s Fourth District, is sponsoring the Senate File 2130 bill, which would require Iowans applying for a marriage license to disclose their sexuality before getting married, according to Pink News

A marriage license will not be granted to the applicants unless they fill out the section related to sexual orientation. Not only is this a huge breach of privacy, but this bill could also have very real consequences if passed. The bill would punish people for coming out after marriage and also play a role in the custody of one’s child. The bill states: “Nondisclosure or misrepresentation of sexual orientation othe application form for a marriage license and on a license to marry constitutes fraudulent concealment of sexual orientation which shall be a factor in determining the custody arrangement that is in the best interest of a minor child.” So if someone discovers their sexual orientation later in life (which can happen), they can be punished and have their children taken away from them. Additionally, their marriage can be dissolved. 

What is considered fraudulent would be up to the judge handling the divorce case, and the act would be  “evidenced by nondisclosure or misrepresentation of a party’s sexual orientation at the time of the marriage.” This bill is sitting for review by a subcommittee at the moment, but none have been scheduled. 

Personally I do not see the point for a database for people’s sexuality to exist. This bill is designed as a way to include fraudulence and trickery as valid reasons for divorce, even though having irreconcilable differences is already an option. What this seems like to me is just a way to keep tabs on people based on their sexuality. Senate File 2130 has no place in any state legislature because it only seeks to divide people by their sexuality. 

As history would dictate, keeping a list of people based on their sexuality is never a good idea.

Source: Pink News 

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