Is Harvey Weinstein Intersex?

Image via YouTube|Harvey Weinstein Accuser Takes The Stand At Sexual Assault Trial | NBC Nightly News

The Disgraced Media Mogul’s Accuser Claims He May Be Intersex After Alleged Assault

The trial of Miramax Co-Founder Harvey Weinstein is under way and this real-life film has yet to reach a climax as the story keeps getting curiouser and curiouser. We’re well aware Weinstein has an endless amount of assault and harassment allegations against him, mostly led by GrindHouse and Charmed actress Rose McGowan who was among the first to speak out. Seriously, we’re not talking only one or two women. Besides McGowan the list, or scroll, is long and unfathomable – hundreds of women in the entertainment industry like Angelina Jolie, Angie Everhart, Mira Sorvino, Uma ThurmanSophie Morris (an assistant!) – are only a few names to get your attention. You know there are plenty more. The allegations are so demonic that Weinstein’s wife, Georgina Chapman, has left him but a divorce is still in progress. Is Weinstein guilty? We all know that water is wet, but that decision still must be verified in court and not public opinion. But, we’re getting some shocking details about his nether region that may not be for the squeamish.

According to Vanity Fair, Weinstein accuser Jessica Mann claims he sexually assaulted her seven years ago when she was twenty-seven-years-old in a New York hotel room and once again almost a year later in a Los Angeles hotel room. When in Los Angeles, she states he used an “erection-inducing drug” (Viagra? Was it a needle?) to rise to the performance. She goes on to speak about full detail of his package allegeding: Weinstein doesn’t have testicles and his penis is like a vagina. She believed him to be a burn victim, deformed, or intersex. Mann, a former actress, goes on to tell of her horrific rape: She was ending the one-sided relationship with him in Los Angeles as she began dating another actor. Weinstein allegedly ripped her from a chair screaming at her for straying from him and dragged her into the bedroom to rape her. He would’ve been sixty-one-years-old at the time. He continues to make allegations their relationship was completely consensual.

Image via YouTube|Harvey Weinstein Accuser Takes The Stand At Sexual Assault Trial | NBC Nightly News

In absolutely no defense of Weinstein, it may be useful to point out that intersex people do not have mutilated genitals, so perhaps Mann isn’t certain of the term she wanted to use, but at least she was open and honest with her terrifying story. If Weinstein suddenly comes out as intersex – can you imagine how bizarrely this story would unfold? We’re on the edge of our seats and can only hope he sees the same justice that was given to Bill Cosby. #LockHimUp, anyone?

For laughs: You’ve got to check out Weinstein using his tennis ball walker below. It’s just… come on:

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