Is Mariah’s Carey’s New Single “A No No,” a Yes Yes?

Mariah and Bryan Tanaka – Youtube​

Mimi is baaaaack with a vibrant and slick video for her new single “A No No.” The hot R&B track samples “Crush on you” by The Notorious B. I. G. and borrows one of my favorite lines from the mega-hit rap song, “He’s a slut, he’s a ho, he’s a freak, got a different girl every day of the week.”


This new Mariah joint is poised to be one of the hot radio hits of the spring and summer with a definitive New York City vibe and video taking place on a NYC subway.

MiMi looks fantastic these days, and this video is no exception. I call her “Mimi” because in my mind we’re like totally best friends who go shopping together in the mall and do each other’s hair and nails and stuff. Sometimes when we’re hanging out at the food court, I’ll even call her Meems for short, and she loves it.

 Now, back to reality though. In the new video, MiMi looks like she’s in her 20s, naturally youthful and refreshed.

The setting is a party taking place on a packed NYC subway car with vibrant club kids and misfits all throwing their best moves and attitude as Miss Mariah slinks throughout in skin-tight ensembles of sequins, stilettos, and spandex — you know, the same stuff she wears in real-life while running basic errands.


Some might attribute Mariah’s radiant fabulousness to the fact that she today has an estimated net worth of $533,000,000. Actually, with that kind of money, you could just as easily hire some young, skinny b*tch to walk around pretending to be you. That’s what I would do. But anyway, if I had to guess why girlfriend is glowing these days, I’d bet it’s because of that hot and gorgeous young man in her life, Bryan Tanaka – the backup dancer who put the moves on her heart during her now-defunct E-Television reality show, “Mariah’s World.”


Bryan and Mariah are reportedly still boo’d up, though they have gone through a few public break ups and make ups over the past couple of years. He makes an appearance, dancing in the “A No No” video and there is a lovely cameo by Mariah’s two beautiful children, the twins – Moroccan and Monroe.

It’s great to see Mariah Carey back on top where she belongs, looking and sounding wonderful — even hitting those sonar dolphin notes that only dogs in Siberia can hear. Mariah’s back on track – literally with this new video, and for me, “A No No” is a YES YES!



h/t: For More on Mariah & Bryan’s Romance @ People Magagzine 

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  1. Actually, “Crush On You” is by Lil Kim ft Lil’ Cease rapping the “He’s a slut…” chorus. C’mon, yo. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to music nerds like that. lol


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