Is The Talk Heading For Cancelation?

Image via YouTube | The Talk – Carrie Ann Inaba To Take Leave of Absence from ‘The Talk’

After Ousting Osbourne, Another Talk Veteran Takes An Extended Absence For Health Reasons

We all know daytime talk show drama can get just as messy as the soap operas that air after them. A small running list of some highlights in the last year would be Ellen DeGeneres allegedly mentally torturing her low level employees, Wendy Williams struggling with her addictions due to a scheming ex-husband, or The View trending nearly everyday because Joy Behar and Meghan McCain had an on-air verbal brawl. Whether we’d like to admit it or not, these ladies provide the gifs, memes, and hot topics to keep us tuning in day after day – they are warriors with heavy fan bases. We love them for their mess, but we show our love with praise online and you know, being an actual viewer of their shows…this next daytime talk show and their drama simply cannot compare.

In October 2020, we reported that one of the daytime shows, which always appeared somewhat ‘innocent’ compared to the others is The Talk… which was seemingly hiding their backstage drama easily – including allegations that then-co-host, Sharon Osbourne, and Sheryl Underwood purposefully had Marie Osmond fired because she is a Republican. We’ve witnessed first-hand the revolving door of co-hosts the show has seen, including the departure of original hosts like Sara Gilbert, Leah Remini, Aisha Tyler, Julie Chen’s disgraced exit in the #MeToo era, and so much more. Last month, The Talk rose high on top of the trending lists when Osbourne may or may not have been set up to exit stage right for her friendship with Piers Morgan and then a ton of incriminating alleged behavior came out afterwards that guaranteed she would be booted off the show. Since, the show has decided to not replace her and would continue with Underwood in the ‘lead’ role, newcomers Amanda Kloots and Elaine Welteroth, and Dancing with the Stars’ feisty Carrie Ann Inaba. Now the show is down to just three hosts…after seeing a huge decrease in digital viewership because Inaba is pulling out…but perhaps only temporarily.

According to Deadline, Inaba is taking a leave of absence from The Talk to focus on her health. It’s very vague, she even posts that she hopes to ‘be back soon’ rather than a sincere guarantee of her return. It’s not necessarily shocking that she’s going through some stress – the show she’s been on is basically in shambles and suffering with viewership. At this point, it’s almost guaranteed that The Talk is heading for a cancelation with their loss of interesting, household name co-hosts and low viewers. Let’s take a quick peak of recent Talk YouTube videos to compare how the ladies are doing against their stiff competition…

It’s important to note that after DeGeneres’ PR disaster, her digital viewership is certainly falling as well. However, The Views’ army is strong and Williams continues to be a one-woman powerhouse, as she rightfully deserves. The numbers are in front of us and there’s no denying them – The Talk has views that are less than 1K on MANY videos…it’s almost shocking.

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Williams has constantly gossiped about The Talk on her show over many years. She’s stated that her show has never won an Emmy or been recognized by the Academy in any way… despite her growing and obscene popularity because of her effortless talent of drawing in viewership. Williams has boasted that The Talk only received awards because Chen’s husband, Les Moonves, was a force behind the show and had the pull to get them awards. She may have been onto something.

It’s always disappointing to see a diverse, female-forward show meet their end, but with The Talk, it seems a bit inevitable. Underwood, while she gives her all, doesn’t appear to have what it takes to carry her own show, let alone leading a talk show, and the other newcomers simply can’t hold a candle to what the show used to be. With numbers dwindling, is it time to cut the chord of The Talk?

Check out Inaba’s full video and statement of her leave below.

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  2. Shows like this serve no useful purpose and do nothing but give a platform to celebrity wanna-be’s who are nothing but legends in their own mind, filled with hot air and useless opinions.


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