Is There Still A Desire in The Gay Community Regarding Male Strip Clubs?

The digital world has taken over so much of our lives, and this includes aspects of the gay community that were thriving as little as a decade ago.  Gay bars have flown the coop in major and minor cities for a variety of reasons, parties are celebrated digitally now via Skype or Facetime (RuPaul's Drag Race for one), and elements that we used to love seem to be going extinct.  One of these amenities is the Male for Male strip club experience, which has been endangered for quite some time but now we may see it go the way of the dodo in the next couple of years.  

I'm not talking about seeing your local gogo dancer on top of a platform at a gay event, I'm talking about an actual club or space that hosts nights exclusively for men.  This includes a variety of strippers from all ethnic backgrounds, twinks to daddies, and so on and so forth who are there to show you a good time via your lap and overall your attention.  

And these spaces don't just attract the commonality of "gross, old guys".  I have been to my fair share of these sorts of experiences, and they attract all types.  What has changed, is that the online world has a plethora of these types of guys available at your disposal for free or via cam, where you can have a super cheap experience just like this in the comfort of your own home.  This can be interchangeable in our community, as it also slides into why gay bars aren't thriving as much, why what used to be known as "cruising" is now simply a "woof" on a particular app, and many other things that once were popular but now seem to be at their last step.

What worries me is that eventually everything will become digital, and the need to even speak to others will become minimal, even in a zone like this.  What's great about experiences like this, is that it gives you the opportunity to spend time with someone who you find very attractive, whether its a nice conversation, a lap dance or otherwise.  This country is still so reserved when it comes to sexuality, that guys who know about this place will go incognito or simply not tell anyone they are going out of judgment.  It's that sort of mentality as to why places like these are closing (2 just closed in Florida), but there is a bright side to this as many are thriving and need to be known.

New York still has great examples of what a M4M experience is supposed to be.  Take Adonis Lounge, which hosts tons of insanely hot guys each week and once a month for a special "naked" party where they are wearing nothing but a pair of sneakers.  Trust me, it's worth going just to gaze.  I took a friend once who was visiting from Kansas and the look on his face alone was enough to make me hysterically laugh but also give me the understanding that this sort of thing isn't around where he is, and he's taking it all in.  

Other great examples of spaces like this include Swinging Richards in Atlanta, Nob Hill Theatre in San Francisco, Stock Bar in Montreal or Buffboyzz which has locations all across this country, its clear that this idea still has a ton of threads that its holding onto.  Ultimately, its up to the customer(s) to show up, leave their inhibitions at the door, and have a damn good night with some super sexy studs.

What are your thoughts on this topic? 

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