Isaac Jagroop’s Full-Frontal Slip on ‘Big Brother UK’ Will Get Your Full Attention

Isaac Jagroop, a current contestant on Big Brother UK: 19, accidentally or maybe not accidentally let it all hang out on his way out of the shower. That’s good news for all of us.

Thanks to OMG Blog, there are snaps to prove it. The view is from a distance. Fortunately, you could see this from space. Oh my.

A preview:

Per Channel 5's website, Jagroop is a club promoter. He likes his job because he gets paid  “chill, have a laugh and work with friends.”

He played professional football for six years before being release for "after becoming distracted by partying and girls."

Check out the NSFW full-frontal glory at OMG Blog.

Big Brother UK: 19 is now airing on the UK’s Channel 5.

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