Italian Beach Bans Children After Dozens of Dildos Wash Ashore

Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash

The Italian beach line will never be the same after a dozen or so dildos have washed up on it.

Volunteers of the Licola Mare Clean Association, which is tasked with making sure Italian beaches are as clean as possible, were working on the beach by the Hermitage of Camaldoli near Naples, Italy when they discovered the phallic objects.

As one volunteer recounted after the event, “When we saw them we stated to laugh because we could not do anything else.”

Later, Umberto Mercurio, the Association’s president, said that this isn’t the first time that unusual objects have washed up on the river shore because this spot happens to be the end of the road for the water current’s flow. Or, more specifically he said, “This channel leads to the very end of its course.”

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Of course, that means that several strange things have shown up on shore such as dead animals, live rabbits, industrial waste, animal feed, and much more. But, it seems this is the first time that a sex toy (or at least such a large group of them) has washed up on the Italian beach.

For the moment, the beach has been banned (especially to minors) and there’s no indication for how long the ban will last.

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