Italian Mayor Introduces Tax Cuts For Couples, But Not If They Are Gay Couples

Luigi Carozzi / Image via Corriere Bergamo

An Italian mayor has decided to piss off all of his gay townspeople by specifically omitting them from a tax deal.

Luigi Carozzi, the mayor of Pontida in northern Italy, and his council have found a way to cut waste disposal tax, but it won’t be for everyone.

"The council of Pontida has cut waste disposal tax (Tari), introducing new exempt categories," he said, according to La Repubblica. "Also this time, however, there are exceptions, such as civil unions between people of the same sex."

But, it's not only just gay couples who get screwed over. Straight couples bonded by a civil union and those married with a religious rite not recognized by the state will also be unable to enjoy the tax privileges.

Of course, this decision is earning criticism from many people both in the government and outside of it.

Matteo Salvini, the leader of the Northern League party, remarked that, "It is not fair, all couples are couples.”

Also, Emanuele Fiano, from the ruling Democratic Party, felt the tax cut exceptions were a bad move.

"The Northern League heads back towards the Middle Ages in Pontida, the mayor tries again: Tax cuts on waste disposal, but not for gay couples," he wrote.

And as the International Business Times reports:

“The move just came weeks after Carozzi sparked criticism for proposing parking permits for pregnant women and young mothers, but only if they were married, straight and from the European Union.

At the time, his proposal sparked widespread criticism, forcing the mayor to make a U-turn on his decision, which was – again – condemned by Salvini.”

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