Jack Holden Reveals Who He Wants to Star in the ‘Cruise’ Movie

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English actor and writer Jack Holden’s second run for the play ‘Cruise’ will commence on Saturday, and he also recently confirmed in an interview with Attitude that a film adaptation is in the works.

“A film company got the rights to it. And they loved that first film we made, which was like the stage show – it’s me addressing the camera and it follows me through all the different rooms in Shoreditch Town Hall, which became the different bars and clubs of Soho in the ’80s,” the 32-year-old actor shared.


He continued by revealing that Andrew Garfield is a possible candidate to play the protagonist, Michael Spencer, stating,

“And the whole thing was sort of done in one long shot. We’re trying to retain that. It won’t be like there’ll be a hundred actors in it now, it will still hopefully be me, or someone like Andrew Garfield, and we have that one shot kind of feel so it retains the essence and the spirit of the show.”

‘Cruise’ is a one-man show directed by Bronagh Lagan, and written and performed by Holden. Furthermore, the play is based on a true story from the actor’s time as a volunteer at the Switchboard LGBT Helpline.

The official synopsis of ‘Cruise’ reads:


“When he’s diagnosed with HIV in 1984, Michael is told he’ll have four years to live – at most. So, with the clock ticking, he and his partner Dave decide to sell their house, flog the car, and spend everything they have to party like it’s the last days of Rome. When Dave dies two years later, Michael doubles down on his hedonistic ways, spending what little he has on drink and drugs.

On the last night of his four-year countdown – the 29th February, 1988 – Michael decides to go out with a bang. He puts on his favourite jacket, heads for Soho, and embarks on a long night of farewells. He says his goodbyes, dances, sings, and says yes to everything and everyone. Then, with all his affairs taken care of, Michael promptly… survives.

Michael got lucky. He’s been given the gift of life; but what kind of life can he now live?”

The first run of ‘Cruise’ was held at the Duchess Theatre in 2021, and now the second run will be at the Apollo Theatre starting from August 13 to September 4.


Source: attitude.co.uk

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  1. Don’t know why I was thinking the 80’s movie Cruising movie, hehe . Glad to be having what looks like another gay movie coming soon.


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