Janet Jackson & Madonna Release New High-Style Music Videos, Plus A Cher/Madonna Remix

It was quite the week for music royalty.

As we lost our indisputable “Queen of Soul,” Aretha Franklin, the two “Queens of Pop” – Janet Jackson and Madonna – dropped new music videos that are singularly unique to the two artists visual and musical style.

Jackson teamed with the oh-so-sexy Daddy Yankee for her latest music video, “Made For Now.”

Visually reminiscent of “When I Think of You” and “Escapade,” the video (directed by Dave Meyers) is classic Janet as she celebrates among the folks of Brooklyn appearing all over the NYC borough in bold, high-style fashion.

Featured throughout are a mélange of international dancers that hail from Nigeria, Ghana, Grenada, Trinidad and the U.S.

In an interview with iHeartRadio, Jackson shared she’s “always loved Latin music, and obviously, the African music is there and always been an influence.”

“Coming from what Daddy Yankee does in reggaeton, it’s inspiration,” she added. “It’s reggae music, which brings you back to the African vibe, the whole bit. It was really nice working with him,” Jackson said.

Jackson and Yankee also performed the song live on The Tonight Show Friday night, marking her first late-night appearance in 14 years.

Watch below.



On Thursday, her 60th birthday, Madonna released a stunning, long-form music video from her performance at the MET Gala earlier this year.

The video begins with bold, dynamic visions of religious imagery and Gregorian chanting leading into, of course, “Like a Prayer.”

After making her way down a huge stairway, Madge and company do a quick costume change at the 6:05 mark as she launches into “Beautiful Game.”

After a choreographed assault by her dancers that leaves her prone of the steps of the MET, the Queen of Pop performs Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” while slowly making her exit.

The dramatic final frames of the video (would we expect anything less?) focus on a concrete angel with the rumbling of thunder in the distance.

Quite the message.

At the time, Madonna told the Associated Press, "Religion and spirituality has informed my work for my entire career, and fashion also, and combining the two is the perfect marriage."

"And then we bring in Jean Paul and it's the perfect three-way!" she added.

Watch Madonna and company below.



In related Madonna news, can we say god bless the gay DJs?

The new Cher cover of ABBA’s “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!” dropped last week and within 24 hours DJ Alex Simpson, based in Toronto, shared his fierce remix of Cher’s new track and Madonna’s 2005 hit “Hung Up,” which samples the ABBA classic.

I believe this is, technically, the first time the two divas have sung together before…?

Listen below.



7 thoughts on “Janet Jackson & Madonna Release New High-Style Music Videos, Plus A Cher/Madonna Remix”

  1. Why do people pretend that

    Why do people pretend that Madonna's impact was, or is, greater than Janet Jackson's?  Why pretend that Madonna is equally or more talented than Janet?  She's NOT!!!  I love Madonna's material and much of her visual artistry; as she is TRULY a Game-changer and  Pioneer; but so is Janet Jackson!  So, people… Let's STOP and just be REAL…  Janet's biggest rivalry isn't MADONNA at all; it's is her brother Michael (aka the King of Pop and the Biggest STAR that has EVER lived).  No matter how many times they put her against Madonna; people automatically compare her talent, innovation and mainstream appeal, concerts, videos, chart placement, awards, sales, etc… to her BROTHER, the KING.  Can you imagine being the baby sister of the KING of POP… everything you do has got to be as good, or better.  Even when artistically your efforts are comparable or greater, loyal die-hard fans of the KING quickly jump on the defense and try to minimize her talents.  If not his fans, music critics and journalist can't see pass his style and artistry; thus ignoring "what" Janet has, and continues to contribute to music, dance, and popular trends/culture.  More so, they miss all the gender, racial/ethnic barriers that she broke…as she revolutionize the entertainment industries through vogue business policies, lucrative contracts  and visual artistry.  Janet influenced the creation of musical genres, gave support artist public identities (Tina Landon, JLo, Usher, etc…choreographers, directors, make-up artist, etc..).   Janet influenced popular trends on such a major scale that she is credited by the CEO of Jheri Curl  for both increasing the brand and for ending it's reign.   She is also credited for inspiring the start up of Youtube, says its founders!   Let's be clear, if Janet wasn't a "Jackson," she probably wouldn't have been discovered.  But because she is a "Jackson," she has, and probably will NEVER truly be seen on her own artistic merits, as she will always be measured against the PLATINUM SCALE, Michael; thus diminishing her rightful place in Pop History!  Remember, even the CEO's of Arista Records approached Whitney Houston to change her style to be more like Janet's (please view the video).  Janet Jackson is the Queen of Pop and the Greatest Living Entertainer!


  2. HELLO??? It’s Like A Prayer,

    HELLO??? It’s Like A Prayer, NOT Like A Virgin. Dear God, did you even listen before you posted this. 

    PS – only ONE QUEEN of Pop! 

  3. I love Janet but real talk

    I love Janet but real talk there is only ONE Queen of Pop and that’s Madonna. Nobody said there were two Kings, it wasn’t Michael and Prince. It’s dismissive and sexist to Madge’s ginormous cultural impact to say she shares the title. Janet, like Whitney is an icon but nowhere near as trailblazing and impactful as Madonna. 

      • Except she’s not. Madonna had

        Except she’s not. Madonna had made more of an impact on society with everything from gay rights, getting people to vote, AIDS awareness, making more visually stunning music videos (yes, Rhythm Nation was epic, but that’s about it), being vocal about sexuality, etc… I could go on. Madonna did it on her own. Janet had the Jackson name behind her to help her. Not saying Janet is talented or a force to be reckoned with, but, let’s face it: there’s only one Queen. And that’s Madonna… biiiitch. 


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