Jenner Says She ‘Is The Best Person To Be Governor Of California’

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The always clueless, always out-of-touch and with zero idea how to read a room – Caitlyn Jenner sat down with the ladies of The View on Thursday to talk about why she is running for Governor of California. To say the interview was a complete disaster would be putting it mildly. Jenner, like the narcissist self-involved self-absorbed elitist Republican she is came across exactly like you would expect a Trumper to. There is so much wrong with the interview – and her entire campaign for that matter – I don’t even think I can find one positive thing to write. Each answer was worse than the one before.

What would you do differently that Governor Newsom? (Whoopi Goldberg)


Here she immediately starts in on hypocrisy and Sacramento and Newsom. One of her main talking points seems to be businesses and schools in California not opening quick enough for Jenner. She also is taking issue with Newsom siding with the Teacher’s Union. She then throws out this weird limerick,

“Newsom wasn’t for the people he was for the elites. Newsom wasn’t for the kids he was for the teachers union. Newsom wasn’t for the workers he was for himself.”

Of course she still has to bring up the photo of Newsom out at a birthday dinner, to show the double standard she keeps mentioning. She then talks about the price of gas in the 1970s, things need to change blah blah blah. At no point does she answer the question Whoopi asked. This will be running theme of hers. 

Why are you starting your political career by running for Governor of California? Why not get your feet wet by running for mayor and work your way up? (Joy Behar)


Here we begin to see her idolization of Trump as she parrots his language – that if you say something enough times people will believe it. Apparently she is an outsider, of what I am not so sure. She repeats that word over and over. There is a group running California – the Gavin Newsoms. No more information or details are given – are they clones? Do they wear Newsom face masks? California needs to be taken back, you know the drill . Create an imaginary problem, offer no facts no solutions talk in bumper sticker language…

“I want to put the best people on my campaign. I hired the best people. I got very good advice. I feel like I have a good team and am very excited about the place I am now.”

How do you intend to help resuscitate the hundreds of thousands of lives and dreams that have been crushed by Governor Newsom’s inconsistent policies? (one guess as to who asked this question – miss Princess of Arizona herself)

Jenner tells us about her favorite restaurant down the street that is finally reopening. She is also very upset that Disney  World in Florida opened months before Disney Land did. Again, no solution, no plan of how to help the restaurant industry. Jenner sounds like a whiny bratty child who probably saw all her Republican Palm Beach friends out at restaurants throughout the Pandemic. How dare they be allowed to go and not me! My civil liberties and rights are being taken away.


How significant do you think the issue of Trans athletes playing school sports is? (Sara Haines). Sara discusses Jenner siding against the Trans community on this issue and mentions that her words carry weight as an Olympian?

Unfortunately Haines gave Jenner an easy out here as she thinks its a large enough to discuss and immediately pivots to discuss illegal immigration. Sound a little familiar? Whichever editor chose the split screen view deserves an Emmy Award because the look on Sonny Hostin’s face as Jenner talks is EVERYTHING!

Why should California voters vote for you when you yourself have barely voted in elections in the last 20 years? (Sunny Hostin)

“Because I am the best person for the job!”


Again, the fact that she thinks she is the best person for a job she knows nothing about, has never worked in a government office, and barely votes speaks to how completely delusional and out of touch she is with everyone and everything around them.

The interview ends with Joy asking her if Trump won the election. And Jenner like every Real Housewife who is asked if they voted for Trump refuses to answer and says,

“I am not going to get into that. We need to change the system. I am in it for the people.”

Whoopi ends the interview, Jenner again completely on a different page than the other women says how much she loves being there and can’t wait to come back. You can hear Joy laughing as she talks! Think Marjorie Taylor Goodman might give a better interview lol. It will be a photo finish though.

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  1. That, “it” should go fuck itself. Anyone with the name, Jenner or Kardashian should shut the fuck up and go away. These people are the scum of the earth. “It Jenner” is an embarrassment and a disgrace to the LGBT community.


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