John Stamos Showcases How To Cuddle A Man!

John Stamos Showcases How To Cuddle A Man!

Have Mercy!

I’ve been the biggest Full House fan since I was a kid. Mainly because I felt *so represented* by Michelle Tanner (Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen), even though I believe the original series was hiding a gay character in Derek S. Boyd (Blake McIver) all along. While myself and Alanis Morissette may agree Uncle Joey Gladstone (Dave Coulier) was the hottest of the original Full House cast, John Stamos’ Uncle Jesse has peaked on nearly every “Hottest 90s Television Dads” articles since the existence of the internet. He’s still smokin’ hot today! Now, when he isn’t driving drunk during the weekend of West Hollywood’s Gay Pride Parade (questionable isn’t it) or showcasing his perfect daddy-butt, he’s busy making videos cuddling with men.

To some, this video may not be new news. It was released in 2011, so this is now my official “Throwback Thursday” post…Throwbacks are still a thing in 2019, right? Well, it features the ever-so-hunky Stamos shooting his bedroom eyes at the camera. With a sultry, sexualized voice he tells us:

“Being a notable lothario people often ask me for sex advice. But guys, if you truly want to win over a woman the real key…is the cuddle. Here are the techniques of my patented Stamos Snugglefest.”

There enters the man he is snuggling…none another than Full House’s Daddy Tanner (Bob Saget). Hilariously, the two intertwine in a variety of positions, caress one another, and even get to play a little footsy. Yeah, it’s a stupid, silly laugh, but what else would you expect from the satirical website CollegeHumor?! I, for one, was in for the good time and it’s always great to be seduced by Stamos. Something tells me this isn’t his first rendezvous with a man, but what do I know?

Check out Stamos and Saget’s adorable late-night intimacy below:



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