Josey Greenwell Goes Back in the Closet to be “Straight” Country Singer

  Josey Greenwell was in the closet as a rising country singer. Then came out and got dropped from his label. You may have even seen him play gay pride events. He dated (and did a shirtless beach photo shoot with) A-List New York cast member Rodiney Santiago. But now, Josey Greenwell has rebranded himself as straight country singer Nate Green.

According to WeHo Confidential, about six months ago Josey deleted all his social media profiles and Wikipedia page. Now he's back as Nate Green, denying he's gay, and deleting all gay questions and comments from his shiny new hetero profiles and pages.

What do you think? Is this a sellout? A betrayal of the community? An artist just trying to make a living? Or is it just…sad?



What do you think?