Junior Vasquez Celebrates His Birthday- New York City Style

There is no one in recent history that knows how to throw an epic party like Junior Vasquez. From the days of Arena to Twilo to everything before, in between, and after, “Joonya” (as the children affectionately scream in adulation) continues to have the knack to bring together an eclectic crowd of fans, dance music aficionados, and nightlife luminaries. For his birthday this year, those people and many more showed up to celebrate Vasquez’s landmark birthday in the best way possible; an absolute bash, the kind that only Junior Vasquez could orchestrate. 

This year, TekSupport threw together a “little” bash featuring some of the biggest names in nightlife at Analog Brooklyn to celebrate a man that helped redefine what dance music truly is for an entire generation. Both Grammy winner Hex Hector and Italy’s own Joseph Capriati were on hand to lend their talents behind the decks, leading up to Junior himself taking the main stage. 

Hector & Capriati kept the capacity crowd on the packed dance floor with their own distinctive sounds, and when Vasquez took the booth and appeared to the crowd, the adulation that reverberated through the event space was like almost nothing you have ever felt. As the fans started clacking and the screams filled the air, Junior took his place behind the decks as his loyal fans applauded furiously. 

As you all know, it isn’t a Junior Vasquez event if there is not a true NYC-style show on the dance floor, right as the music and the evening reaches it’s glorious crescendo. The always incomparable Kevin Aviance took to the floor that night and launched into a delicious rendition of Deborah Cox’s “Nobody’s Supposed To Be Here”, a classic from the days of Arena, when Aviance and Vasquez truly ruled New York City nightlife. 


As with every Junior Vasquez party though, it was all about the music. From a reworked Kim English track to a classic Prince (“Thieves In The Temple”) Vasquez delved deep into the catalogs, while also staying current, showing the children that there is plenty more magic left in this nightlife pioneer. 

Kevin Aviance himself said it best that night: “There is only one DJ children and it is Junior Vasquez”


Photo Credits:  Mike Poselski / Off Brand Project

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