Junior Vasquez Returns To New York & DJ’s Live On “The Wendy Williams Show”

With a recent Ashley O remix (the scintillating mix to “On A Roll” ) and a long-beloved remix finally seeing the official light of day on an upcoming Donna Summer package, it is safe to say that the legendary DJ/producer Junior Vasquez is having a brand new career renaissance. 

It was only a matter of time before Vasquez’s long beloved New York City got wind that the legend was making major musical moves again, and invited him home. Last week, Vasquez appeared on The Wendy Williams Show as their official in-house DJ for the day, and it was hard to tell who was more in awe; Wendy or the ecstatic audience members. Williams paid homage to Vasquez’s legendary career, reflecting on his work with everyone from Madonna to Cher, and Wendy had one request for Junior’s visit; she wanted to hear “all that house music”! 




As for the Donna Summer package, Junior is part of a massive collection of Summer’s music, simply titled Donna Summer-Encore. It is being promoted as “the most comprehensive collection ever” of Summer’s twenty four albums. While it includes all of her studio albums, non-studio albums, and duets, it also includes a fantastic set of remixes. One of the most high profile releases on the package is the Debut Official Commercial Release of Junior Vasquez’s remix of Donna Summer’s iconic “My Life” that was heard in many of Junior’s late night sets all over New York City.

Pre-order “Donna Summer Encore” here

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