Just 71.5% Of U.S. General Population Has Gotten Their Shot

Charles Darwin would be proud of LGBTQs leading the way on vaccinations
(Charles Darwin photo: Unsplash/Hulki Okan Tabak)

Just as the gays lead the way in fashion and pop culture, it looks like we’re doing the same regarding the pandemic as a new report shows LGBTQ people are overwhelmingly getting vaccinated against the coronavirus.

The Human Rights Campaign Foundation survey conducted by Community Marketing and Insights (CMI) found a whopping 92% of LGBTQ adults living in the U.S. had received at least one shot of the COVID-19 vaccines.


For their report, CMI polled 15,042 queer Americans during May and June.

CMI found vaccination rates varied slightly when broken down by ethnicity, but not by much. Among Black LGBTQ respondents, 85% reported having been vaccinated, white LGBTQ folks were at 94%, and 96% of AAPI LGBTQs confirmed getting their shot.

For comparison, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports only 71.5% of the general population of the U.S. had gotten their shot.


The researchers noted several reasons for the much higher LGBTQ vaccination rates including “higher percentages of the LGBTQ community being liberal, living in blue states, and living in urban areas.”

CMI also surmised that social distancing and COVID-related isolation during lockdowns significantly impacted the mental health of LGBTQ people which could have been a motivating factor in getting vaccinated earlier in order to more safely return to socializing.

Despite the massive amounts of misinformation being spread on social media, the CDC confirms the current vaccines are effective at helping protect against severe disease and death from the virus that causes COVID-19 including the Delta variant.


Additionally, on Friday, the CDC officially endorsed the FDA’s recommendation of an additional dose of COVID-19 vaccine for previously vaccinated people with compromised immune systems.

The CDC’s updated recommendation includes those who have cancer, HIV/AIDS, received an organ transplant or stem cell transplant, and more. A full list of conditions can be found on the CDC’s website.

(Source: CMI)

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  1. Let’s hope all of the trump supporters continue to wipe themselves out, zero fucks to them and none of them will be missed. Hope they have fun on their ventilators while the LGBT community takes over the country!!!

    • Amen!

      Here in the South, the deaths are just starting to rack up in rural areas – as evidenced by announcements in our local papers. (Mostly, white male anti-vaxxers in their 50’s and up.) Though some are now saying that the virus is purposely being spread “because hospitals get $35,000 per COVID patient.”

      Yep, the ignorance is strong and unrelenting down here. But so is the virus and its consequences for the unvaccinated.


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