Justin Bieber’s Testicles Started A Lawsuit

Screenshot: Youtube @DJKhaledVEVO

Justin Bieber can’t catch a break. Just last week the singer had a mini-scandal when a hacker got a hold of Selena Gomez’s Instagram account and released nude photos of her ex.

Of course, the nudes were shots we’d all already seen from two years ago. They were the shots of Bieber “hanging out” while on vacation. You’ve probably seen them. (If you haven’t, good for you. You are pure and a better person than I am).

Anyway, it seems that Bieber can’t catch a break because news just got out that his balls are the center of court case right now.

Last May, Bieber went to the Emergency Room of the Northwell Health in Long Island, NY after getting a shot to his crotch while playing soccer. All was well and good at the time because Bieber was able to walk out the door later without any issue.

But, an issue came along later when Northwell Health found itself getting sued. Why you ask? Because they allegedly fired an employee wrongfully.




New York employment attorney David H. Rosenberg says his client Kelly Lombardo, who was a former employee at Northwell, was fired over accusations that she illegally accessed Bieber’s medical file during his visit.

The rumor is that she allegedly accessed his records to see if the singer indeed had an STI. But, Lombardo not only denies that reasoning but also the idea that she accessed the records at all.

“My client never accessed Mr. Bieber’s medical file. She was falsely accused of doing it because of her gender,” Rosenberg told Billboard. “We look forward to vigorously prosecuting these claims at the New York Division of Human Rights.”

Right now, the lawsuit is at a standstill as Lombardo and Rosenberg wait for a copy of the position statement.

Meanwhile, Bieber and his team have not commented on the situation and are probably hoping media coverage of it, as well as his connection to it, blows over quickly.

We’ll see about that.

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