Kathy Griffin Calls Gus Kenworthy a ‘Cub’ or a ‘Daddy’

Decorated Olympian Gus Kenworthy got a little confused when it came to a popular publication calling him a "twink" recently.

Out Magazine, who just profiled both him and fellow Olympian Adam Rippon, tweeted a photo of the two of them on Thursday while previewing their interview that discusses the two's friendship and a myriad of other topics. 

"@Adaripp and @guskenworthy aren't just two twinks looking for the next camera — they are role models taking aim at inequality," the tweet read.  This made Gus super confused.

"I'm a twink?" he questioned.  Luckily, comedian and all-around hilarious human being Kathy Griffin came in to set the record straight regarding what Gus really is.

Gus got in on all the hilarity in all of this, as he replied:

The shade fest regarding the twink vs. daddy comment came from several others, notably Rosie O' Donnell who called Kathy out regarding her current status in life:

And Kyle Krieger told Gus that his question left out some key words:

Regardless, Gus is a superbly handsome human being regardless if he's a cub, twink, daddy or any other adjective.  Just see below:

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