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Image via YouTube | Joy Behar Responds To Kid Rock’s Comments Said on Fox News

Musician Kid Rock Maintains His Hate Against Joy Behar And Other Vocal Female Democrats

Musician Kid Rock is a devote Republican. More particularly, he’s a big fan of the reigning President, Donald Trump – he was invited to The White House after all. Not surprisingly, he’s been throwing jabs at never-Trumpers like The View’s most recognized co-host, Joy Behar. Last year, almost to the day, Kid Rock called Behar a “bitch” on Fox News after he said he wants everyone to try and love one another… except for the red-headed jabber jaw. Now, Kid Rock continues to fire back at those who are outwardly against the current administration.


According to The Daily Mail, Kid Rock went on a ridiculously drunk, random rant at his Big Ass Honky Tonk Rock N’ Roll Steakhouse in Nashville, Tennessee. He berated prolific Democrats like media mogul, Oprah Winfrey and the aforementioned Behar. Another red head on his list of enemies… is, Kathie Lee Gifford. Perhaps he was too drunk to realize he very likely meant to speak on Kathy Griffin, as he said “Kathie Gifford”. It’s an easy mix up and Gifford, of The Morning Show fame, hasn’t been particularly anti-anyone… ever. The forty-eight-year-old rocker drunkenly proclaimed:

“F*ck Oprah! Oprah Winfrey is like ‘Hey, I just want women to believe in this sh*t’. F*ck her. F*ck Oprah Winfrey. F*ck Kathie Gifford… I’m not a bad guy, I’m just an honest guy. I’m the guy you want like ‘Hey, I want Kid Rock on my side’. I’m not the bad guy. I’m the guy you want like, ‘Hey he’s pretty cool’. I’m not a bad guy, I’m just an honest guy saying I don’t like Oprah Winfrey or Joy Behar. They can suck d*ck sideways. She can suck my d*ck sideways. And if you say that people say, ‘Hey, I’m pretty sure Kid Rock’s a racist’, I’m like, ‘OK fine. F*ck off’.”

As expected, because who doesn’t like freakin’ Oprah, Kid Rock was boo’ed by his own audience…in his own steakhouse and bar… in a southern state. I’d like to think that’s pretty progressive? He was eventually escorted off stage by a uniformed gentleman, but there wasn’t an arrest. Basically, Kid Rock went on a drunken rant and it backfired in his face, which is kind of comforting to know everyone can’t get away with outrageous hate speech.

This could be a ploy to get attention for his new line of t-shirts which are Pro-Trump, including a slogan of “God, Guns, & Trump” and a photograph of the United States of America, which labels any state whose electoral college votes went to Hillary Clinton in 2016 as “Dumbf*ckistan”. He’s… no one can say he isn’t quite a character.


You can watch Kid Rock’s cringeworthy rant here.

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