Kim Davis’s Lawyer Thinks We’re “A Few Months Away” From Reversing Marriage Equality

We have another case of a conservative saying some scary stuff while on the radio.

While speaking to VCY America radio host Jim Schneider, lawyer Mat Staver, who’s most notably known for representing Kentucky magistrate Kim Davis, said that we’re just weeks away from marriage equality being overturned.

The context of that statement comes from Staver's excitement at seeing conservative judge Kyle Duncan joining the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. Duncan is known for objecting to the Affordable Care Act supporting contraceptives.

Staver saw Duncan’s appointment as a sign of Donald Trump’s administration pushing for ““constitutionalists, originalists, dedicated to the original understanding and interpretation of the Constitution and the statutes.”

Essentially, he’s excited to see more conservative players in the justice system who can not only rule in favor of conservative values in future court hearings, but also overturn progressive rulings that have already passed.

With Justice Anthony Kennedy expected to retire soon, there is already an opening seat in the Supreme Court. Plus, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is also growing older and reaching the possible end of her time with the Supreme Court (though, she’s hired staff to work with her until 2020).

To stay on top of that, Staver encouraged conservative listeners to go out and vote during midterms this coming November. That way, conservative lawmakers can maintain power in the Senate and help bring in new conservative judges to the Supreme Court.

Otherwise, liberal voters will flood Congress with progressive lawmakers and Trump will have to find “somebody who’s palatable to the judicial activist crowd in the Senate.”

It’s Staver’s assertion that if they can get one or two more conservative Justices in the Supreme Court, “the abortion decision, the same-sex marriage decision, all of those things that went the wrong way will ultimately be in the balance to be reversed. So literally we are a few months away.”

Let's hope that doesn't come to pass. Better yet, lets vote to make sure it doesn't.

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