Krasinski, Blunt, Efron, and Diesel Stun Fans in Unofficial Trailer

During the San Diego Comic-Con, president of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige confirmed that ‘Fantastic Four’ will be opening Phase Six of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), and as a result, the fans’ anticipation for it grew even further.

In fact, an amazing fan-made trailer for ‘Fantastic Four’ was uploaded on August 8, and it has already gained more than 65,000 views as of this writing. In the epic video, the ‘Fantastic Four’ is starring John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, Zac Efron and Vin Diesel, and MCU fans seem to be loving the fan-casting.


The video was uploaded by Stryder HD, and the fan-made trailer was composed of various clips from the stars’ respective movies, which put together actually looks quite cool.

Despite the positive response that this particular casting got from MCU fans, it is actually far from being official, as Marvel Studios has yet to cast anyone for the roles in ‘Fantastic Four.’ And although a lot of people want to see Krasinski as Reed Richards, Blunt portraying Sue Storm, Diesel as Ben Grimm, and Efron playing Johnny Storm, there will be more waiting to do because nothing is set in stone as of now.


Furthermore, in an interview with Extra TV, Efron revealed that he “would jump at the opportunity” of joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe “if the right character comes along.” Here’s to hoping that the right character for him would be Johnny Storm.


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