Lara Spencer’s Mea Culpa; Poise, Class & A Teachable Moment For Everyone.

Division in our country remains very paramount, with everything from political parties to the casting of a new “Real Housewife” seeming to cause everyone to draw a stark line in the sand, standing by their own distinct perspective, without much willingness to yield to the opposing side. 


Late last week, Lara Spencer sparked a firestorm in the dance community after seeming to find humor in the fact that Prince George was taking ballet classes, following up with some ill-timed laughter, that brought many of us back to the days when fellow schoolmates or friends may find our passion for dance or the arts as a weapon to be used against our already fragile self-esteem. Predictably the dance community came out against Spencer’s comments, specifically “So You Think You Can Dance” dazzler, Emmy-winner Travis Wall. 

While Spencer did put an impassioned and heartfelt apology on her own Instagram early Friday evening, she apparently felt that more was required. Late Sunday night, she sat down with Wall and fellow dancers Robbie Fairchild & Fabrice Camels for a dance summit of sorts. She started off simply by saying “I screwed up” and offering another apology, stating that she is “deeply sorry”. Broadway dancer (and future big screen Cats star) Robbie Fairchild was almost brought to tears recalling children from his school laughing at him through the window when they realized he was taking ballet lessons. Fabrice Camels spoke powerfully about how the stigma of taking ballet lessons causes some boys to suddenly stop taking dance lessons all together, and they simply just “stop “showing up”. Wall perhaps said it most eloquently, by just saying “we create such beautiful art; I wish the world would dance more”. 


The apology occurred on the same morning that found Camels, Wall & Fairchild teaching a ballet lesson to three hundred people in Times Square today, showing that dancing is without a doubt “cool”! With a little luck, a little boy was watching these dancing dynamos teach this gorgeous artistry in the center or the world. Just maybe, he looked back at the television, and said  “I want to do that”….



Kudos to you Lara Spencer and to the community of dance for, as Spencer said, “turning a negative into a positive”. #OnWeGrow indeed…

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