Laura Ingraham Invited Homophobe to Speak on Her Show

Laura Ingraham invited the head of an anti-gay group to her news segment to discuss Drag Queen Storytime. Image via

In response to the increasing number of Drag Queen Storytimes, Laura Ingraham invited Arthur Schaper, the head of anti-gay group MassResistance to discuss the literary activity, according to Media Matters.

In Ingraham’s segment, Schaper discussed MassResistance’s book, The Health Hazards of Homosexuality. In this book, a book that has been promoted and sold by the Family Research Council, refers to homosexuality as a mental disorder and that it’s “really about sodomy.” The members of MassResistance also believes that homosexuality is perverted and brings “ill health.” According to the New Civil Rights Movement, Schaper compared the drag queens to porn actors when he said “you have adult homosexual men, adult entertainers, going into a public library, reading to children” and that people should demand that the event be canceled. He also said that the drag queens promote a “perverse and destructive lifestyle.” Ingraham agreed with him, saying that Drag Queen Storytime attempts to “advance a particular agenda.” I’m pretty sure the stories that are being told aren’t promoting drag culture and even if they were, such a culture isn’t harmful to anyone.

Additionally, the group compared the gay rights movement to Nazi propaganda and that pro-LGBTQ laws are comparable to Jim Crow laws. I don’t even know where to begin with this; in no way is the gay rights movement anywhere close to Nazi propaganda as it isn’t centered on the Big Lie, but instead, it strives only to help LGBTQ gain equal rights. As for the Jim Crow law comparison, I just don’t see how LGBTQ people gaining equality creates a separate but equal atmosphere.

I’m sure by now that we’re all well aware that Fox News is not the friendliest station to LGBTQ people so it’s not very surprising that a person as homophobic and bigoted as Schaper appeared on Ingraham’s show. However, while I’m not surprised, I’m alarmed because this segment could and most likely will only spread hate. 


Source: Media Matters

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  1. I hope Arthur Schaper sues your publication for libel. Good grief! You’ve totally mischaracterized him and the entire situation. I suggest you pull this stupid article now before that happens.


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