Lil Nas X Crashes A Disney World Wedding & Guests Are Shocked — Watch

Credit: Lil Nas X Instagram

Talk about a fun surprise! Lil Nas X created a ton of pandemonium when he crashed a Disney World wedding over the weekend.

The 2-time Grammy winner entered the wedding’s reception with the bride where guests were in complete shock over him being there. “What the f**k is happening right now!?!” one person screamed as they made their way inside.


It wasn’t too surprising, however, that his record-breaking hit “Old Town Road” started playing the minute he and the bride hit the dance floor. Someone made a joke about just how big that song is on Twitter, saying, “I don’t believe Old Town Road was coming from the speakers. I’m pretty sure that just emits from you like an audible aura at this point.”

He and the bride then started dancing with the kids at the ceremony to “OTR” before the clip cut off. Fans on social media repeatedly asked him to be their husband on social media after he posted the footage, although that will more than likely stay a fantasy for them as the Georgia native told Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show back in September that he’s in a “somewhat” kind of relationship


He also came decked out for the wedding in another colorful creation similar to the ones he’s worn at several major events over the past year. “Um, so, u wanna play animal crossing?” he captioned the pic that included him wearing a sweatsuit with a bunch of retro prints splashed across it. 

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