Local Organizer Doesn’t Even Attend ‘Straight Pride’ Event

(photo: Soraya Colli)

The highly anticipated (I’m joking) ‘Straight Pride’ parade/event in Dallas, Texas, on Saturday turned out to be the most epic fail yet for the ‘Straight Pride’ movement.

Although the organizers promised discussions of abortion rights (they say it’s murder), traditional marriage (only one man + one woman), and gender identity (only two!!!!), we’re not sure how long those panels were since only two people showed up.

According to the Dallas Voice, the two participants weren’t even from Dallas. Or Texas.

The duo, presumably a part of Super Happy Fun America which produced the Boston ‘Straight Pride’ event this summer, were vastly outnumbered by approximately 20 protesters who showed up at the City Hall Plaza “event.”

Local activist Soraya Colli shared video footage on Facebook and was sharing details via Twitter:

The story was similar on August 31 in Boston where 200 attendees were greeted by thousands of pro-LGBTQ protesters.

The second ‘Straight Pride’ event, which was planned to occur in Modesto, California, couldn’t obtain a permit due to lack of insurance and was reduced to a handful of people protesting in front of a Planned Parenthood location.

The Dallas Voice reports that one of the straight Pride participants in Dallas yelled insults at transgender protesters saying, “We know there are only two genders.” He also insisted, “I’m part of the oppressed majority.”

And when the space between the protesters and the two Straight Pride attendees began to close, police separated them, putting an end to the fireworks.

Eventually, a member of the Dallas Proud Boys joined the duo.

The local organizer of the Dallas event, Teresa Stephens Richenberger, didn’t bother to show up. 

In a statement posted on Facebook, Richenberger said the event had to be ‘postponed’ due to the city of Dallas “PRICE GOUGING us and asked for enormous amouts [sic] of money.”

We’re guessing she didn’t bother to tell the guys from Boston who traveled to the Lone Star state for her shindig?

Richenberger went on to say they would “regroup” and set a date for sometime in the future.


“SOON……” added Richenberger.

(source: Dallas Voice)

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