London Train Passengers Panicked After A Man Shouted Anti-Gay Rhetoric

People panicked on a London train when a Christian man started spouting homophobic rhetoric.

With the recent Las Vegas shooting, the multiple terrorist attacks in Great Britain this summer, and a London train bombing just last month, London citizens are on the alert for any sign of danger.

And it seems that hyper awareness, plus a bigot’s hate mongering, caused a scene on and off a London train.

The South Western Railway line into Waterloo was the specific train in question. The train was delayed after riders panicked because of a religious man shouting off anti-gay messages.

The man’s words, which started to state that gay men should be put to death (a sentiment that apparently the US agrees with), caused some passengers on the train to overreact.

One witness talked to the Richmond and Twickenham Times and recalled that someone near the back was so scared that he or she decided to open an emergency door while the train had stopped at a signal.

While there was some panic after that, at the least the man realized he was the cause and stopped ranting by putting his head down at the request of passengers aboard.

While the man was later taken off the train by a guard, the police found nothing suspicious on the train.

h/t: NewNowNext

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