Madonna’s Video For ‘Dark Ballet’ is a Stunner… But What About the Song?

Madonna has released the fifth and final track from her upcoming fourteenth studio album, Madame X. The track is “Dark Ballet.” It was originally performed as “Beautiful Game” at last year’s Met Gala. It samples Tchaikovsky’s Nutracker, with heavily auto-tuned vocals over it, it has a dubstep beat, and yeah, it’s as weird as it sounds. 

Directed by Emmanuel Adjei, the bleak, sumptuous and violent video stars queer rapper Mykki Blanco as a persecuted and executed Joan of Arc. 

Filmed in Madonna’s new home of Portugal, the video is stunning.

The ballet mindf**** stuff in “Dark Ballet” really works. I really do like the “cuz your world’s is such a shame/cuz cuz your world’s in so much pain/cuz your world’s obsessed with fame” line. 

Just before the weekend broke, Madge made headlines by saying she was more than a little disappointed in a New York Times profile of her. She said she felt “raped” by it. 

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Madame ❌ on the cover of N.Y.T. Magazine photographed by my dear friend @jr……….Also sharing my fav photo that never made it in, along with pre-shoot chat and a celebratory glass of wine 🍷 after many hours of work! To say that I was disappointed in the article would be an understatement- It seems. You cant fix society And its endless need to diminish, Disparage or degrade that which they know is good. Especially strong independent women. The journalist who wrote this article spent days and hours and months with me and was invited into a world which many people dont get to see, but chose to focus on trivial and superficial matters such as the ethnicity of my stand in or the fabric of my curtains and never ending comments about my age which would never have been mentioned had I been a MAN! Women have a really hard time being the champions of other women even if. they are posing as intellectual feminists. Im sorry i spent 5 minutes with her. It makes me feel raped. And yes I’m allowed to use that analogy having been raped at the age of 19. Further proof that the venerable N.Y.T. Is one of the founding fathers of the Patriarchy. And I say—-DEATH TO THE PATRIARCHY woven deep into the fabric of Society. I will never stop fighting to eradicate it. 💔

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Are you still stoked for Madame X? Let us know in the comments. Watch the video for Dark Ballet below. 

5 thoughts on “Madonna’s Video For ‘Dark Ballet’ is a Stunner… But What About the Song?”

  1. It s a brilliant artistic Album Track. Of course not for any Pop Charts. Only wished she let it run 1:30 more and put some dramatic choirs in it. The break into the Tchaikowsky Part with the Vocoder Vocals is amazing.- And love the Piano Outro – could be also a little longer. Hauntingly beautiful.
    Maybe today Taylor Swift is nearly successful chart-wise like Madonna at this age. Madonna does now more Pop for adults. She developed as human being and artist – that reflects in her great now more ambitious Music. Its not like Like a Virgin. Holiday anymore.

  2. It’s an amazing song and stunning video with a message that needs to be heard in this era. No one else has the balls to do that right now. Can’t an article about Madonna be about the newness and uniqueness? Instead we here its not lame and catchy and boring brainless pop we hear from people half her age? Madonna has always inspired and created art that people follow. I think she will continue to do this to the end. However, critiques want celebrate it till she is gone. (Example: Prince)

  3. Dear writers. This song is very good. And the video too. You want to love it?? Ahhh make me laugh. You want to diss her. That’s all. It’s a tired game


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