Male Fan Tries to Kiss Cristiano Ronaldo but Ultimately Fails

Cristiano Ronaldo may be one of the biggest sports stars in the world, but that doesn't merit any random person kissing him at any point of the day.

Case in point, a very frisky male fan who decided to bombard the field on Monday during a major soccer game for his Portugal team vs. The Netherlands.  He was "lucky" enough to give him a big ole kiss on the cheek, but that wasn't the only time Cristiano had to deal with some unwarranted PDA that evening.

Someone else decided to go a little bit lower and give him a kiss on the chest.  People, this isn't a Raging Stallion film, its a soccer game.  Also, he's in a committed relationship  with a bunch of kids.  Do the right thing and buy the poster that you can make out with in the privacy of your own place.  Regardless, he was a bit bothered by all of it but remained a good sport.  

See the awkward clip here: 




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