Man Attacked With A Shovel By Anti-Gay Bostonian

Images courtesy of the victim and the Boston Police Department

Snow shovel armored attacker targets gay Bostonian.

A 25-year-old victim was at the corner of Tremont Street and Prentiss Street on Wednesday, November 27 when he was attacked, according to ABC affiliate WCVB5. The victim had just gotten off Prentiss Street around 11 in the morning when the attacker approached him. The assailant first started yelling anti-gay slurs at the victim. According to the victim, the two are acquainted and have had arguments over the victim’s sexual orientation before. Unfortunately, this altercation became violent.

Police say the victim was hit with a snow shovel before the attacker then slashed him over the eye with a box cutter. When police arrived at the scene, the victim, whose identity has been withheld, was bleeding profusely. He was then taken to a local hospital have non-life-threatening injuries treated.

58-year-old Eddie Smith was quickly identified as the suspect. Smith had fled on foot away from the scene of the crime. He was later apprehended around the Shawmut Avenue and Dudley Square area. In addition, the two attack weapons were later found by police officers.

On this past Tuesday, Smith was arraigned in Roxbury District Court, according to the Boston Herald. Smith was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. In addition, a mayhem charge was added. Then finally, Smith was given a hate crime charge in the form of a civil rights violation.

Smith is expected back in court on January 22 for a probable cause hearing.

Sources: WCVB5, Boston Herald

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