Man Fighting A Drag Reading Pleaded Guilty To Stalking A Singer And Sending Him Nudes

A man who’s trying to stop his local library from hosting a Drag Queen Story Time has also been connected to stalking and sending nude pics to another man.

Christopher Sevier is currently the lead activist against the city of Lafayette hosting a Drag Queen Story Time at the city library. He does so in the name of the antigay hate group called the Warriors For Christ and Special Forces of Liberty, according to The Daily Advisor.

But, it looks like Sevier shouldn’t be the lead figure in any kind of movement, especially an antigay one, considering his legal past.

Court records from the last decade show that Sevier has a problem with stalking people.

The first incident happened back in 2008 when Sevier got into legal troubles with country singer John Rich. It first started out as a fight over song rights, but the situation soon escalated thanks to Sevier.

Rich later filed for a restraining order on Sevier after noticing the man was stalking him. Unfortunately for Rich, Sevier blatantly ignored that restraining order.

Allegedly, Sevier messaged Rich about private information such as conversations about Rich’s young children. In addition, Sevier even sent Rich a seemingly-naked picture of himself draped in a blood-soaked American Flag, according to the Tennessean back in 2014.

In that same year, Sevier was also accused of stalking a 17-year-old girl. Sevier then confronted the girl at a coffee/ice cream shop in the Nashville-area. During that confrontation, Sevier mentioned information about conversations the girl had previously.

“He knew the conversations that I had had,” she said. “So I was scared.”

Initially, Sevier claimed that his interactions with the two were legal. Sevier says that he was legitimately attempting to end the song rights litigation by reaching out to Rich. Meanwhile, Sevier says the interaction with the girl was his attempt at being “friendly” and helping her get modeling work.

That said, Sevier later pleaded guilty after the chargers were reduced to misdemeanors.

And those are just two of allegedly numerous other criminal issues involving Sevier, according to the Daily Beast. This includes not paying child support, failure to show up to court hearings, violating his restraining order, and assaulting his father-in-law (a fight that resulted in the injury of his then-7-month-old baby).

So again, we must say that the Warriors For Christ and Special Forces of Liberty might want to leave this Drag Story Time alone and instead focus on who fights with them. We think these Christians should be very concerned with the legal history of their outspoken comrade.

h/t: The Daily Advisor, The Tennessean

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  1. But what purpose does it

    But what purpose does it serve to make drag queens read tales to kids? As in a previous article, drag is a job, drag is not a real identity, drag queens don't represent sexual orientation, at best they are the face of men who fetishise femaleness but that's it.

    If you want actual LGB representation take off the make and women's clothes and be yourself. All you do by forcing the idea that drag is some kin dog LGB representation is reinforcing confusion regarding homosexuality being sexual orientation and gender expression.


  2. John Rich may have his issues

    John Rich may have his issues, and he’s hardly a credible voice, but Drag Queen Story Time is a ridiculous idea in the first place.  Stupid ideas. Ring out the crazies.


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