Man Hid Bag Of Diamonds In Rear End

Photo Courtesy Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office

In today’s news of men putting things up their butts, we have Eusebio Padilla.

New Mexican news station 13 WTHR reports that 23-year-old Padilla was pulled over by local police while driving a motorcycle.


A criminal complaint filed in Albuquerque’s Metropolitan Court says that Officer Daniel DeGraff stopped Padilla around 4:30 p.m. near Fourth and Calle de Los Hijos NW. DeGraff says he stopped Padilla because he was driving a vehicle without a license plate. The situation became serious (and weird) after DeGraff pulled Padilla over.

After doing a quick search, DeGraff found a knife in Padilla’s possession. He then gave Padilla a pat down. That’s when things got interesting.

Photo by Sina Katirachi on Unsplash

ABC 15 Arizona says that DeGraff found a bag filled with almost forty-four diamonds pushed inside Padilla’s anal cavity. Padilla then “removed a baggy from his butt crack” and dropped it on the ground.


Police suspect that Padilla was planning to trade the diamonds in for drugs.

“Based on the uncommon behavior of concealing diamonds in packaging commonly used to store narcotics, and concealing it in his butt cavity, and the attempt to get rid of the item, it was apparent to me that Padilla must have known the baggy of diamonds was stolen,” the complaint reads.

In his defense, Padilla says he got the bag full of diamonds from his uncle. But, Padilla later confessed that his uncle “usually has stolen items.”

Now, Padilla is facing multiple charges including receiving stolen property and tampering with evidence.

h/t: 13 WTHR, ABC 15 Arizona

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