Melania Trump is Dreaming of a Red Christmas

Per tradition, the White House is decorated for the holidays and it was revealed to the world through a special video 2018 Christmas Decorations at the White House. If you remember from last year, the First family opted to use an ice cold chilling white wonderland that lacked color and spirit. But if you thought that was strange, this year the Christmas decorations include a forest of crimson trees reports Time.

The video shows First Lady Melania Trump walking through a room full of ‘blood’ red berry trees that the internet has immediately deemed MEMEable.

For many the initial image of Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale. The story, in case you’ve been living under a rock, deals with a not so distant future dystopian society where women are a suppressed class forced to serve as surrogate mothers to dignitaries or into slavery if you cannot conceive. The male gender is the superior leader and women are essentially voiceless and are not allowed to read, write, or contribute to politics in any way. Scary? Yeah, so are these red trees.

Additionally, others remembered the bloodbath that was Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining





While others thought of something more fun and mindless

For me, there's only one thing I can think about:


The rest of the decorations seem to be more festive than last year’s frozen nightmare, but still, the internet cannot unsee the red trees—considering that turmoil that is currently happening on the Mexican border with the migrant caravan and the horror story that has been this presidency.

Red tidings to all!



h/t: Time

6 thoughts on “Melania Trump is Dreaming of a Red Christmas”

  1. I am not a Trump fan or

    I am not a Trump fan or supporter, and the all red trees are not to my liking, though some of the other decor shown on other sites is nice, but this is not the first time there have been odd choices for decor at the White House. Also, where most of the people who comment on this site are gay men, and most of us have probably visited more than our fair share of Christmas stores, can we honestly say we haven't seen worse?

  2. Melania is creepy looking,

    Melania is creepy looking, why wouldn’t  her Christmas decorations be creepy? Let’s be real, Melania married  Dumpy Donald, why would we think she would have any taste?

  3. Those trees look fine. She

    Those trees look fine. She just has too many haters out there all looking for whatever bad association can be made with the color red. 


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