Meteorologist Adam Joseph & Family Spend A Day On The Water

After a challenging summer where COVID seemingly overtook their home, 6ABC’s Adam Joseph and his family are healthy, recovered and soaking in the last glorious weeks of summer. Today, Joseph posted on his social media that he and husband Karl took their children (Jacob & Hannah) and hit the water, where according to Joseph’s social media they spent “A DAY ON THE BAY…. Was a blast showing the kiddos how to crab and the beautiful sights on the water.”


Joseph’s family have spent a summer filled with measurements that he is very familiar with as 6ABC’s resident meteorologist; high highs and low lows. He and husband Karl celebrated eight years of marriage, and also unexpectedly found themselves battling the pandemic from the inside; an unvaccinated family member ended up infecting the majority of Joseph’s family at home, including his children and Joseph himself (everyone has now recovered and is healthy). 

Joseph detailed his families battle with the coronavirus in an editorial piece in The Philadelphia Inquirer titled I Thought Our Family Was Safe. He went on to detail not only how his family contracted the virus after being extremely careful for the duration of the pandemic. He indicated how the family member that inadvertently infected the household has now said “I am so sorry. I was selfish to think this was a personal choice. I never really thought I would get this or pass it on.”


Joseph finished the op-ed with these profound and pointed words on those that still choose to remain unvaccinated; “After watching my family — especially my children — suffer through this virus, I have a message for those who choose not to get vaccinated: Please stay away from children under the age of 12 and those who are immunocompromised and can’t be vaccinated. Please wear a mask everywhere you go. Please follow distance guidelines. Please limit indoor visits anywhere. If you are making the choice not to be vaccinated, you’re making that choice not just for yourself but for everyone you come in contact with. We can’t go back to normal just yet. It’s up to you to do the right thing to keep the rest of us safe.”

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