Miami Instagram Model Licks Airplane Toilet Seat in the ‘Coronavirus Challenge’

I’m going to give this story a maximum of three paragraphs. It deserves far less, but I can’t help myself from falling down the rabbit hole of vapid “influencers” who will do anything for the gram. This week’s featured fool is Miami Instagram model Ava Louise who shared a video of herself doing one of the grossest things I’ve ever witnessed: licking an airplane toilet seat in the new Coronavirus Challenge.


After Louise shared the video to her Tik Tok account, she faced a vicious backlash from the public who called her out for being such a desperate attention (rhymes with store), that she would lick a toilet seat. According to Daily Mail, Louise responded to the criticism by saying it was a social experiment.

I don’t argue that, but such lunacy seems far more aligned with a scientific experiment in Darwinism.

As noted by Daily Mail, we are now in a global pandemic as COVID-19 continues to spread and has claimed over 6,500 since January. There are now a reported 173,117 cases around the world. However, this terrifying outbreak is of no consequence to Ava Louise, who has appeared twice on Dr. Phil to share the story of her internet-fame. In the episode, she also expressed that she would rather die young than ugly.


Well, my only advice is just keep on swirling your tongue on public toilet seats, missy, and you’ll be a pretty corpse in no time.

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