Michael Henry’s Halloween: ‘October Is Peak Unfinished Hoeing Season’

Pete Zias and his ghostly gays (screen capture)

With Halloween just around the corner, you just knew funnyman Michael Henry would have to offer an ooky, spooky tale of tail for the holiday.

Enjoying an autumnal afternoon with his friends the Dumpster Queens, Pete Zias and Michael Lucid, Henry shares his plans for scaring children for Halloween when suddenly Zias drops the news he was entered by a ghost the night before ‘in his anus.’


It seems Zias was ‘possessed by trade from the afterlife,’ gay ghosts who have ‘unfinished hoeing’ to do.

And, apparently, October is peak ‘unfinished hoeing’ season.

Zias explains he comes from a long line of gays in his family with the ability to be possessed by the sexy spirits.

Lucid begs Zias to conjure up his dead boyfriend, Pierre, who was lost in a tragic mugging (that has a very complicated backstory).


Zias initially declines to channel the deceased paramour but eventually succumbs to pressure:

“I’ll buy you a burrito”
“Okay! And I’ll use this potion.”
“What is it?”

Moments later, Pierre (played by the sexy Sachin Bhatt) appears.

Take a mid-day brain break and hit the play button below to find out what happens next.

p.s. We notice the new video from Henry is on LogoTV’s YouTube channel. Good for you, Mr. Henry!

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