Middle East & North Africa LGBTQ Activists Share Personal Stories In New Video Project

Amid state-sponsored repression and social stigma, LGBTQ people across in the Middle East and North Africa are speaking out against homophobia and transphobia. Some of them are building national movements, while others are simply sharing their stories. – nbcnews.com

Yesterday, on our Facebook Page, we asked:

Have you become more involved or less involved in politics since the last presidential election?

I often receive calls to donate my time and/or money to this gay cause, this LGBTQ+ event and I say I don't have the time or money or often think that the cause does not align with my personal life and I go on with my personal life and don't think any more of the call, this email, that Facebook post. 

YouAreNotAlone is the name of the campaign in which 34 gender activists have taken part. Participants' efforts have tackled LGBT issues in Jordan, UAE, Bahrain, Tunisia, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Egypt, Morocco, Mauritania, and Yemen. – raseef22.com

We shouldn't say we have it easy in America, but we have it so much easier than many nations in the world.  It's a reality check when we hear that hook-up apps, that we throw on when we see a cute guy in public to see if he's "on the grid," are used to hunt down gay men.  That men are turned in by their neighbors to authorities because they may be gay. 

A new multimedia project from Human Rights Watch (HRW) and the Arab Foundation for Freedoms and Equality (AFE) is seeking to amplify the voices of these human rights activists. Their initiative includes a 75-page report about the state of LGBTQ activism in the region, titled "Audacity in Adversity," and a video series, titled "No Longer Alone," which includes Arabic-speaking LGBTQ people sharing their personal stories and experiences as activists.

YouAreNotAlone, as it is called overseas or No Longer Alone by the HRC, is somewhat of a reality check for some of us that do say no to that phone call or just delete that email.



Many of the nations where the participants are from criminalize homosexuality. With that in mind, the creators of "No Longer Alone" allowed some interviewees to hide their faces, use false names, and if desired, alter their voices.

Going back to our Facebook question:

Have you become more involved or less involved in politics since the last presidential election?

Should we have asked, when was the last time you participated in a pro-LGBTQ+ event or political event?  Bravo for those that speak up for the LGBTQ+ causes when we do not.




h/t:  nbcnews.com, raseef22.com

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