Mr. Gay World 2019 Crowned In South Africa

'Janjep' Carlos was crowned Mr. Gay World 2019 (image via Instagram)
‘Janjep’ Carlos was crowned Mr. Gay World 2019 (image via Instagram)

Over the weekend, ‘Janjep’ Carlos from the Philippines claimed the crown of Mr. Gay World 2019.

Instinct profiled the 41-year-old last month before the big competition.


Carlos is only the second Filipino to be crowned Mr. Gay World, reports ABS-CBN News. He follows in the footsteps of fellow countryman John Raspado, who took home the title in 2017.

A real estate agent based in Cavite, he succeeds Jordan Bruno of Australia, who spent the past year as Mr. Gay World.

In the final judging, Carlos beat out 1st runner up Francisco Alvarado of Spain, 2nd runner up Oliver Pusztan of Hungary, 3rd runner up Cjayudhom Samibat of Thailand, and Nick Van Vooren of Belgium who was the 4th runner up.

In his introduction package for the Mr. Gay World competition, Carlos explains he loves traveling and exploring different countries. 


“This has widened my horizon and understanding of different cultures, values and issues that have created global impact,” he explains.

He also shares that as Mr. Gay World, he would choose to use his platform to bring attention to mental health, and specifically depression.

“Around the world, many people are suffering from depression,” says Carlos. “Depression is real, and it has caused tragic loss of life. Depression is a real illness that can be treated if diagnosed.”


“With love and understanding of people undergoing depression, this illness can be transformed into wellness,” he concludes.

Carlos shared the winning moment with his 331k Instagram followers writing, “That moment when ur name was called as the winner and flashed ur flag on the big screen is something i feel very proud of.”

Check out more from the Instagram of newly-crowned Mr. Gay World 2019, “Janjep” Carlos.



(Source: ABS-CBN News)

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