Nashville Bachelorette Parties Ruined By NFL

Image via Fox 17

If you’ve ever been to a bar and had your fun ruined by loud, drunk, and obnoxious bachelorette parties, this story will brighten your day.

It seems that whether they’re taking up gay clubs or straight ones, bachelorette parties are earning the hatred of bargoers everywhere. This time, they happened to step on the toes of sports fans.

Nashville, Tennessee is known for being one of the top U.S. destinations for women to party it up before tying the knot. Because of this, the city has the charming name of “Nashvegas.”

But, it looks like the merging of sports mania and wedding wildness has ruined everything (at least, for these two women).

Local news source Fox 17 took to the streets of Nashville this past Thursday to ask pedestrians about the NFL draft’s descent on the city. It looks like some visitors, namely two bachelorette partiers, are not so happy that bars and clubs are being taken up. Apparently, they’re not fans of men in sports jerseys.

Despite how some are taking it, others on the internet see no harm in the NFL draft happening during a bachelorette party.

At the end of the day, looks like that bachelorette party is in the minority. Let’s face it, the influx of people looking to celebrate would be a plus to many other bachelorette or bachelor parties.

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