Neighbor’s Pride Flag Encouraged Someone to Come Out

Sal Stow and partner Meghan Stabler flew their pride flag in front of their home which gave their neighbor to come out. Image via The New Civil Rights Movement.

Lesbian couple Sal Stow and Meghan Stabler, of Williams County, Texas received a surprise letter from their neighbor thanking them for flying the pride flag to show that it’s okay to be gay and that nobody should be ashamed of who they are, according to 13WHAM.

As Sal and Megham were bringing packages they noticed a letter underneath a rock from their neighbor. Sal shared the letter on Facebook and commented on the importance of representation and that nobody knows who might need support, and that the county that they live in is extremely conservative so their hanging of the flag showed great courage.


The name of the person who wrote the letter has been blanked out but they explained that seeing the pride flag be flown every day gave them the courage to become more comfortable with themselves and gathered the strength to come out to their family. The flags in the letter that the person is holding are, from left to right, the transgender flag and the pansexual flag. 

Sal’s partner Meghan shared the picture on Twitter with the caption “I proudly fly 2 rainbow flags at my home. You never know who needs the support, who is hiding and needs a lift up.” This is definitely true, as we live in a world that has a great deal of heterosexual representation and, while it is getting better, LGBTQ representation is relatively rare. It is nice to know that there are people out there who will support you and Sal and Meghan proved that by flying the pride flag openly and proudly. 


Source: 13WHAM

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