Neighbors Raise Rainbow Flags In Support Of Lesbians Who Were Robbed

Neighbors of Casey Handel and Zadette Rosado raised rainbow flags as a show of support. / Screenshot via Chicago Tribune

A lesbian couple living in Illinois was touched by the support of their neighbors after becoming victims of theft.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Barrington residents Casey Handel and Zadette Rosado were one day shocked to find the rainbow flag hanging outside their home replaced with an American one.

Not knowing her neighbors too well, Handel used the Nextdoor social media site to ask if anyone had seen who stole the flag. It seems no one knew what had happened, but many were concerned by the situation. This is especially true for neighbor Kimberly Filian.

“I’m so sick of all this hate,” she told the Chicago Tribune. “I just feel inundated in the media and everywhere I look, all those terrible stories. It’s overwhelming sometimes. I felt like it was one thing I could do to show support—just something little.”

Filian decided to place a small rainbow flag on her front lawn as a show of support for Handel and Rosado. Afterwards, other members of the community started asking Filian where she got the flag. She then decide to order four dozen small rainbow flags and passed them out across the neighborhood.

Not only did the neighborhood suddenly get decorated with rainbow flags, but several neighbors started giving small gifts to the family. They plan to continue giving gifts until New Year’s Eve, the day when Handal and Rosado plan to get married.

h/t: Chicago Tribune

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