Netflix Talked Back At Trolls Criticizing Gay Characters

Lionel Higgins from “Dear White People” / Image via Netflix

Do Twitter users have a point that Netflix creates too many gay characters? NO! And even Netflix (or at least, their social media handler) thinks so.

Nowadays, it seems like many tv shows include a gay character. Long down are the days where we could only get a gay character through gay-centric television programming like Queer As Folk, Noah’s Arc, or The L Word. But even if that’s true, is that enough? And, are we already getting too much?


According to the 2019 GLAAD “Where We Are On TV” report, LGBTQ characters make up 10.2% or 90 out of 879 series regulars on broadcast scripted primetime TV. In addition, Netflix has the highest number of LGBTQ regular and recurring characters on streaming’s scripted original programming. Then, combining its LGBTQ characters with Amazon Prime Video and Hulu results in 109 series regular LGTBQ characters and 44 recurring LGBTQ characters.

Not knowing these numbers, however, one could possibly see the gay characters on Netflix and other entertainment sources as a constant influx of LGBTQ representation. For one Twitter user, this was too much of a realization. The tweet in question, which is shared above, includes a Spongebob Squarepants meme where Patrick represents Netflix. Patrick is seen forcing a large pumpkin with the caption “an unnecessary gay character” down the throat of Spongebob and any new series on the platform.


Before the official Netflix Twitter account could even respond to the tweet, many Twitter users came to the video streaming platform’s defense.


Though, some came to the original poster’s defense.


But then, of course, Netflix eventually joined the fray.

“Sorry you have yet to realize that every gay person is very necessary,” the official Twitter account responded. 


Frankly, there AREN’T too many LGBTQ characters. With just 10.2% of series regular characters on primetime broadcast shows and 109 series regular characters out of all series regular characters on Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video, there aren’t as many LGBTQ characters as we think. Depending on which statistics you use for how many LGBTQ people exist in our society, this amount of representation is either just enough or still too little. But certainly, not too many.

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