Newspaper Mixes Beach Man For A 100-Yr-Old Home

Photo by Sebastian Herrmann on Unsplash

A Florida newspaper had to shrug it off after posting the picture of a shirtless man laying on the beach.

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel is known for its legitimate and reliable reporting. The newspaper even won the 2019 Pulitzer Prize Gold Medal for Public Service. But outside of reporting and investigating the news, the newspaper has made a pretty funny post.

265 thousand Twitter followers got a surprise when the newspaper shared a tweet about a story of a 100-year-old house that will be honored and immortalized by ironically moving it. Yet, the tweet’s attached photo is not of a house, but of a shirtless man on a beach.

Honestly, we couple see many reasons for this mistake. Maybe the employee in charge of the newspaper’s social media page was feeling a little “thirsty” that day. Maybe the employee was scanning through pictures for their own personal stash later. And if this tweet was posted on mobile, we can easily see the mistake of clicking on one picture instead of another if they’re right next to each other. These mistakes do happen.

But most likely, it wasn’t a mistake, and the newspaper did it on purpose for a fun Twitter moment and a bit of easy publicity. And honestly, it worked.

As for that “fun,” plenty of people had it on twitter. Many responded to the tweet with jokes and senses of humor often lost on social media.


But again, the post was a conscious decision. This is especially evident considering the actual article being promoted.

The Sun-Sentinel article isn’t about a historic house being persevered but about an “Adult-themed weekend” happening in Key West. Key West, which is known for its gay bars and closed-door spas, is holding its annual Tropical Heat festivities between August 14 and August 18. This includes several gay-themed dance and pool parties, drag shows, and a toga contest for adult gay men.

So at the end of the day, this hilarious “mistake” tweet, was a barely hidden ad for gay parties in Key West. But hey, this is the kind of advertising we can get behind.

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