NY Photographer Presents Hot & Diverse Ken Dolls To Our Loving Eyes

We’ve got another cool Instagram artist to share with you all, and this time it’s a photographer.

Courtney Charles is a New York-based photographer who’s using his inner child to inspire his current work.

His new “Sexy Ken” series depicts a group of men made up to look like they’re Ken dolls.

While the smoothed out features and hollow ligaments done through makeup already leaves a major wow factor, Charles says that wasn’t all he wanted for the project. He says he wanted to present a diverse image of male beauty.

“With the Ken series, I hope to show that there isn’t just one common ideal for the modern man,” Charles explained to Out Magazine. “Regardless of who you are, you can still be the ‘plastic-perfect’ version of yourself.”

He went further to say:

"Breaking down stereotypes has been a major factor in choosing the proper Ken theme. A black astronaut, an Asian cowboy, etc. For other Ken models, it has been a matter of embracing what one may consider a stereotype, but what in actuality is an integral facet of that model’s identity. For example, for an Indian child, who incredible would it be had there been an attractive Bollywood Ken doll that your parents could have purchased?”

We have to admit, the racial diversity that Courtney Charles brought to the project is uplifting, and it certainly won him some brownie points from us.

If you want to see many of the Instagram photos for yourself, you can check them out below.

h/t: Out Magazine

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