Nyle DiMarco Talks About D**k Pics in His Latest Instagram Post

Credit: Nyle DiMarco Instagram

Nyle DiMarco shared a GIF from his show This Close on Instagram on Thursday, September 26, that talked about something quite common in the gay community: d**k pics.


His scene from the Sundance series shows Nyle, 30, deliciously shirtless while holding onto a bottle of Gatorade. “Hey, you want a d**k pic?” he asks. “I’ll send you a d**k pic!” Well, Nyle, I thought you’d never ask!


“This is all the sign language I’ve ever needed,” one fan wrote in the comments section. “Please never purchase a shirt, ever,” another chimed in.

This Close, which Nyle began starring in last year, is Hollywood’s first ever series to feature deaf writers, producers, and creators. Show writers, actors and creators Shoshannah Stern and Josh Feldman are deaf as well.

Nyle, Shoshannah, and Joshua costar alongside Cheryl Hines, Zach Gilford and Academy Award winner Marlee Matlin. The show centers around BFF’s Kate (Stern) and Michael (Feldman) dealing with a myriad of challenges while living in Los Angeles.

The former America’s Next Top Model winner happens to be shirtless quite often on the Sundance series. He shared another clip of him sans shirt earlier this month while joking about the amount of donuts he had to ingest while filming one scene.


More info on This Close can be found here.


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