Obergefell Was The Lead Plaintiff In Landmark 2015 Ruling

One of the lead plaintiffs in a landmark ruling in the fight for marriage equality is now running for office in Ohio. Jim Obergerfell became one of the faces of gay marriage after winning a ruling in 2015 that required all states must recognize same-sex marriages. In a statement released to announce his run, Obergerfell said,


“With unwavering values and the experience it takes to be an effective advocate, I want to fight for Erie and Ottawa Counties. I am asking for your vote to be your State Representative at the Ohio Statehouse.”




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As previously reported by The Lima News,

“Obergefell will run for the Ohio House in a district that includes his hometown of Sandusky and has been dominated by Republicans the past eight years. Obergefell moved back to his hometown in 2021 to be closer to family.”




It was back in 2013 when Obergerfell and his partner John Arthur wed in Maryland, where same-sex marriage was legal. The couple was living in Cincinnati at the time. And time was of the essence since sadly, Arthur was battling Lou Gehrig’s disease. However, Ohio’s ban on same-sex marriage meant that Obergerfell would not be listed as the surviving spouse on Arthur’s death certificate. Arthur lost his battle with ALS three months after their wedding. 







After Arthur died a temporary injunction placed Obergerfell as the spouse on his death certificate. But as The Lima News also reported “the legal victory was overturned, setting the stage for the Supreme Court’s historic decision. By a 5-4 vote, the court ruled on June 26, 2015, that same-sex couples can exercise the fundamental right to marry.” 

Obergerfell is ready for the fight announcing, 


“I think I’ve proven with my fight for marriage equality that I don’t mind being an underdog,”

Sources: The Lima News

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