Openly Gay Singer MRSHLL Talks Gay Korean Slang On His New YouTube Channel

While South Korea continues to slowly become more aware of the LGBTQ people living in it’s country, those same people continue to grow in their own community and world.

With a few openly gay singers and celebrities starting to appear as well as general citizens starting to openly discuss their sexuality, the straight citizens of Korea and the rest of the world are starting to understand the lives and perspectives of LGTBQ South Koreans.

Now, both of those facets, openly gay singers from Korea and citizens discussing sexuality, have been culminated in the YouTube channel blow.

Mrshall is one of the new openly gay musicians who are rocking the South Korean music scene and creating visibility for LGBTQ people in the country.

Not only is he releasing music, but he has also created a YouTube channel, called Neon Milk, where he talks about LGBTQ life in South Korea’s capital city Seoul with choreographer Jonah Kalani Aki.

The boys just started uploading last month and promise to post videos at least once a week. Their content focuses on gay culture in Seoul. This has so far included lessons on gay Korean slang words, drag culture, and talk between LGBTQ people.

For instance, one video on the channel shows the two, who are American-born but have lived in Korea for almost 6 years now, exploring gay-themed slang in the Korean language and gay community. This includes Sheek, which means “You look so eatable” or calling a guy a “snack.”

Want to find out more gay terms and slang before your next trip to South Korea (or just for fun)? Check out the video down below.

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