Opinion: Let Britney Be. Give Her The Time To Do What She Needs To Do

Britney Spears
Credit: Britney Spears Instagram

Britney Spears checked herself into a health facility earlier this month. There has been much speculation over why she’s there, much of which primarily stems from her father Jamie Spears’ current health crisis.

I have been a fan of Britney for 20 years now.  After our article about Britney’s check in went live, some of the social media comments that were posted were nothing short of ignorant and trollish.

“Don’t you mean NOT stronger than yesterday?” one wrote. Another person shared a fake meme of Christina Aguilera shaving Britney’s head. Someone else simply wrote her 2000 hit “Oops I Did It Again” as a comment. Facepalm to all of this.

A good portion of what was written for Britney was in support of her during her time in need, which was great to see. Britney posted an uplifting saying on her own Instagram right around the same time that she went to the health facility. “We all need to take time for a little me time,” she wrote. Celebs like Heidi Klum and Kyle Richards chimed in with their own positivity on the same post, as well as her longtime boyfriend Sam Asghari.

It’s interesting to see the tides turn in favor of the “Toxic” singer compared to what she went through a decade ago. The media and public blasted every single move that she made for several years as she went from being a pop princess that was universally adored to someone that was trying to figure her life out amid all the chaos around her.

I couldn’t handle something like that, I don’t think anyone could. But it disgusts me all this time later to see the ignorance in some people who don’t understand that she’s human and just trying to better her life.

I come from the world of interviewing people in the entertainment industry and have a different perspective on their lives overall. You quickly realize that they are just like you and I and that there’s nothing special about them outside of what they do for a living. We are all equal and should be treated as such.

I feel if we stop putting celebs on pedestals then news like Britney going to a facility wouldn’t be news at all. But that’s impossible given the world we live in today. My hopes are that people in and out of our community can step back and realize that the words they are saying have weight to them. Would you want someone talking terribly about you or your loved one the same way you have with a person you more than likely will never meet or have any clue about what really goes on in their life? I don’t think so.

So, to reiterate, let Britney be.

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