Pack Your Bags, We’re Going To ‘Gay Hell’

YouTuber Elijah Daniel bought a Michigan town and named it 'Gay Hell' (image via Twitter)
YouTuber Elijah Daniel bought a Michigan town and named it ‘Gay Hell’ (image via Twitter)

I’ve been told a few times in my life that as a gay man I’m going to hell.

Well, at least now, I have directions to the place.

YouTube personality Elijah Daniel, in an act of rebellion against the Trump administration’s ban on U.S. embassies flying the rainbow flag during Pride Month, decided to buy a town known as Hell, Michigan and renamed it ’Gay Hell.’

In another tweet, Daniel wrote, “Y’all told me I was gonna go to hell for being gay my whole life so I bought it and made it fully gay. F*ck you homophobes.”

In Daniel’s Gay Hell, the ONLY kind of flags allowed to be flown are Pride flags.

And don’t worry about getting bored – there’s stuff to do in Gay Hell. 

Like, visit the local library (funded by ‘Damnation University’), or if you’re feeling amorous, get married at the local wedding chapel.

Even the weather seems to be cooperating with the new owner’s theme:

Daniel has nearly 600,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel and became engaged to his boyfriend, Sam, this past January.

Back in 2017, the 25-year-old shared on Twitter, “If Donald Trump, a REALITY STAR can be our president there’s no reason why I can’t be a politician.”

And so, after calling 50 different towns, he paid $100 to become ‘mayor for a day’ in Hell and ‘outlawed’ heterosexuality in an effort to mock Donald Trump’s treatment of Muslims.

“When I found out it was for sale, I was like ’sh*t, I’ve gotta buy this now,’” he told Sky News.

One couple who visited Gay Hell snapped a pic next to the town’s “love locks’ and tweeted, “Our gay love and legal marriage is forever cemented on the gates of Hell. It’s what @s8n would want.”

Daniel says most of the reactions he’s seen have been positive, and that folks understand it’s “just a fun joke.”

(source: Sky News)

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