Pat Robertson Says That He’s Being ‘Dominated’ by Homosexuals

Legendary homophobe Pat Robertson is up to his old hating shenanigans once again, and his latest statement about being "dominated" by gays has so many puns in it that it's hard to find into just one article.

His latest rant, uploaded to the RWW Blog (Right Wing Watch) this week, details Pat discussing how so many institutions like Yale University have gone to the left with their politics.  He said that a lot of these types of universities were set up as a trading ground for ministers way back in history, but that no longer exists.

He also claims that Christians are still the overwhelming majority of the country and that they've given the "ground" to a small minority (in other words, LGBT folks).  He then goes into percentages: lesbians are one percent, homosexuals are two percent (this is according to him), and how we as a community have dominated the media, the cultural shift, the major universities, etc.  

He finishes by saying that the majority needs to "wake up" because of this.  This is also the same man who said that Democrats and the NFL are responsible for the Vegas shooting back in September, so thanks for the statistics there Pat but we think we will pass on your thought process. 

Watch the full clip here:

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  1. I still want to know where he

    I still want to know where he gets his data and where it's documented by a reliable source.


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